About Us

A Sunrise Modular-best designers in interiors Company was formed in the Spring of 1995 with the intention of bringing high quality original interior decorations to the residential and commercial market places.

The company now has a large portfolio of completed projects ranging from single room renovations, through whole dwelling refurbishments up to commercial projects.

Committed to being client responsive, we provide solutions tailored to each client's and each project's specific needs. Whether your goal is to have a home to enjoy, investment return or both, we can help. We are your representative, looking out for your interests, while guiding you through the entire design and implementation process.

One of the most valued aspects of our service is the business knowledge we bring to project development. Add to this our design creativity and cross industry insight and you will see the substance behind our reputation for excellence in designing all kinds of interiors- be it Commercial, Retail, Residential or Health Care facilities.

As the years went by more and more realization dawned upon people and interior design grew in popularity and the Sunrise Modular started to grow and spread the passion of their work to a varied society and also was a source of inspiration for the young and arty to take on to this profession.

Our Strengths

•  Designs can be made to suit one's special requirement, application and space available.
•  Customer friendly product made to suit typical application.
•  Manufacturing of product with deep study of cooking habits, made it to serve long run with little maintenance.
•  Durable, smooth handing without much bending & stretching saves time & energy.
•  Multipurpose usage like serving trolley, loading trolley etc

Our motto is - Customer Satisfaction with Customer Care.